Sunday, October 26, 2014


Good Morning Sports Fans,

So, Mondays in 日本 are Sundays in America.  My P-Days are typically Mondays unless there`s some big festival, then it`s on Tuesday.  

First thing is I`m too big for this country.  Everything is small.  I have to duck through doorways, cars are tiny, I can`t buy a bike yet because they`re all too small, and the people are tiny.  I`m a giant!  I stand out like a sore thumb.  They call foreigners gaijin and Bills 長老 (my trainer) can evesdrop on people talking about us as we walk by.

This place is also a jungle.  The roads are lined by bamboo jungle.  There are flippin massive spiders that make gigantic webs.  They don`t need decorations for Halloween.  There`s also random shrines in the jungle and there`s one close to our apartment.

Our area is Toyota City.  I will be here for at least 12 weeks, maybe longer.  There are 4 choro-tachi in this area, us and another set.  Miranda is in my area with his trainer (he`s one of the Brazilians from our district in the MTC).  In Japan all Greenies are called Bean-chan.  Chan is a title for children and we are little like beans so that`s the explanation.  Our ward here in Toyota has about 50 active members (so it`s pretty big) and we currently have about 15 investigators.  I haven`t met the ward yet because Sunday was Stake Conference so I went back to Nagoya for that. I go to see Klein and Cowan there. All the members I`ve met are super nice.  They gave us a ton of food yesterday.  It`s great.  I think I`ll get spoiled a little in this area.  

My trainer`s name is Bills Choro from Cliffton, Idaho.  He was converted to the church two years ago while going to school at USU. He`s a biochem major hoping to become a trauma surgeon.  He seems like a good guy.  Even though we only have 20 Japanese elders in the mission he hasn`t had an American companion since his trainer which was 8 months ago.  His Japanese is super good and he`s working on learning Portuguese right now.  He`s super smart and good with languages.  He`s already fluent in Spanish and pretty much fluent in Japanese.

The language is rough.  I maybe get 5-10% of what someone is saying.  Bills 長老 has to help me understand a lot of what people are saying.  A big thing in our mission is OYM, meaning Open Your Mouth, which is talking to everybody you pass.  I have made it a goal (a wimpy one but none the less a goal) to OYM at least two people a day for this upcoming week.  Bills told me that he never OYM`ed with his trainer because his trainer didn`t like it.  I feel for some reason that if I talk to people, or at least get them started and Bills finishes, my language skills will improve.  Missionaries are supposed to follow a 12 week training plan (not just for language, but all things missionary) and at the end of those 12 weeks you are supposed to be ready to train a new bean.  It`s our goal to have me ready to train in 12 weeks.  Let`s go!!

It`s been good, but tough here.  It`s going to take a lot to get the language and get familiar with the area.  The struggle is real.  It`s going to require a lot of patience to do.

I love you all.  Thank you all for your support, it is very appreciated.

スピイドとてんし (Speed and Angels)


Pic 1: The view from the アパート(Apa-to; ie Apartment)
Pic 2: Dinner yesterday


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