Sunday, January 4, 2015

Senpai Week: The Debrief

Morning folks,

Wow, that was a long week with a lot of downs and very few ups and a lot of lessons learned.  First off I learned that I really and not very confident in talking to people.  I really don`t know where to go with a conversation when I stop someone out of nowhere on my bike.  However, I did develop a way for myself to get better and I started applying it and it has helped.  Not OYMing 100% is what has caused me the most frustration, mostly due to my frustration at having a hard time talking.  

On New Years Eve I got lost trying to find a less active`s apartment.  We biked around looking for it for 2 hours and I couldn`t find it.  Finally I gave up and found it on the map at our apartment.  I was so frustrated because I thought I knew where it was, but now I know.  (I found it on exchanges.)

Probably the most frustrating thing about this week was feeling alone.  My companion would literally not talk to me for hours or help me in any way at all.  It was super difficult and I got really angry.  I haven`t been so frustrated in a long time.  I didn`t want to visit investigators because my spirit was definitely not in the right place all the time and you can`t teach effectively without companionship unity.  

The good things that happened this week were member appointments and a companionship exchange.  New Years is a HUGE deal here in Japan and everyone stays in there home and don`t leave or answer the door and it`s really hard for missionary work.  It`s called Shogatsu and they all eat lots of food and have a good time.  Nobody is on the streets.  The city looks deserted.  On New Years I had an exchange with Elder Watson from Okazaki.  He`s Australian and he`s kind of posh.  The bike he was riding chain broke and we had to walk 3 miles back to the church to get him a new steed.  It started snowing and he was unhappy he had to dendo in that sort of weather.

The next day we had a lunch and dinner appointment with members and we got to eat and do some traditional Shogatsu stuff.  It was super fun and we ate so much.  (I still lost weight)  

All in all the lessons I learned this week are this: I learned this week how I want to train my future bean someday and how I need to develop to become a better missionary.  Developing myself to be the best I can for others is the most important thing I can do and most important lesson learned.

Hope you all had a great week!  We`ve biked 108 miles since Christmas!  If your New Years Resolution is weight loss then I have the plan for you!  All you have to do is eat 1 scoop of rice for lunch and dinner with some sausage and egg and bike 16 miles a day and I guarantee weight loss!  

Happy New Years!!



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