Monday, August 10, 2015


Good morning Sports Fans,

Well our 7 week transfer came to an end yesterday and now Elder Klein and I are officially at our half way point of 8 transfers in the mission. That just seems kind of crazy that this transfer is now over.  It was a week longer than normal, but Klein and I had a lot of fun and saw a lot of success and the time just flew by.  Well, now down to business with transfer calls.  My companion became a trainer therefore Matsumoto is getting a Bean-Chan!  It`s gonna be fun to have a bean in the area.  Now you all must be wondering what happened to me if Klein became a trainer.  Well don`t you worry Bessy Sue because I`m not transferring too far.  I am actually staying in Matsumoto and am just switching apartments to become a Zone Leader with Elder Tuakoi.  You may remember Tuakoi from my first transfer in Toyota just under a year ago.  It`s kind of crazy we are going to be companions.  I am the youngest ZL in the mission with the oldest ZL in the mission, so our companionship is a little strange, but it will all be good.  My buddy Elder Jones is the new District 

This week was kind of a slow week for us.  We did, however, have two important lessons.  First one was with our Chinese investigator Enny.  She met us at the church and we did our English lesson with her and had a decent lesson start with the Plan of Salvation and prayer.  We then tried to transition into introducing the Book of Mormon and giving her a reading assignment, but she was asking a lot of questions and when I tried to explain them she seemed to be more confused and therefore I tried to re-explain, but she didn`t have anymore time.  So the lesson ended with her a little confused, but she wants to know and will continue to read and pray.

Our other really good lesson this week was with a guy Elder Klein OYMed about two weeks ago.  His name is Shionozaki and he is a Morse Codeman for the Japanese Self-Defense Force at the base that is a three minute walk from the church.  We had our first lesson with him on Saturday and it was super good.  He had a lot more interest than we originally thought and he had great understanding of what was being taught.  We taught about God and prayer and a little about how a restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was necessary.  After the lesson we gave him a church tour of our little building and tried to schedule a next appointment, but because there is a lot of training going on on the base he couldn`t set a firm day. (We see CH-47s and UH-60s fly in almost twice a week.  Trunky...)

Elder Hobdy and my trainer Elder Bills finished their missions and went home today.  I really am going to miss Hobdy.  He was a really great ZL and we went on a lot of P-Day adventures together.  It`s always sad to see them go.  I know they`ll be great once they get back home.

That`s about all of the excitement for this week.  Sorry it`s a short one, but it makes up for the long one last week.  Now that we`re a week into August things will hopefully start cooling down.  Best of luck out there this week folks!  Oh and a big shout out to my little bro Brocky-Boy for making it safe to Argentina! He`s already witnessed his first drug deal!  Also Audrey`s moving off to college so congrats to her too!



He died (see the bullet holes?)

This place was kind of creepy.  It looks like a sacrificial stone and the kanji says 千度 meaning ``1000 Times``

My office


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