Friday, March 4, 2016

Down With the Sickness

Good morning ladies and germs,

It's transfer calls today and shortly I'll be making calls to people
all over the mission informing them what their next stage of "life" is
going to be. It should be pretty fun. I've got around 30ish people to
call which is about double last time so we'll see how long it takes to
finish. It will definitely be the most exciting thing I've done this
week.  Speaking of which, here we go!

Alright so on Sunday my companion Elder Nakamoto was absolutely dying
of sickness in church and looked like he was going to pass out in an
FHE (Family Home Evening) that we helped President Ishii out with
after church. Nakamoto came back to the apartment and just slept for
the rest of the day. The next morning he looked like death and was in
bed for most of the day with a fever at around 102 degrees. Sister
Ishii was freaking out and was bringing us soup and such to get him to
eat. On Tuesday Sister Ishii was fully committed to taking him to the
clinic and threatened to wrap a chain around his neck and drag him
there if need be. Japanese people love going to the doctor for even a
small cough so she was hell-bent on taking him with his high
temperature. The docs couldn't tell what he had, but his fever had
dropped by then to 99 so they just assumed he had some sort of cold.  By
Thursday he was loads better and wasn't as tired. Now he is doing fine
with just a cough.

With my companion down for most of the week I really didn't go any
where past my desk. I didn't even leave the building for two days. The
bright side of this all was that I was pretty busy with office work.
With this being transfer call week all of the final call decisions,
transfer board, and actual phone call schedule needed to be planned,
typed up, and given to all office staff. I soloed the desk and
computer typing and editing agendas and making the transfer board with
Nakamoto coming out for periods of time to try to work between naps.
Since I was the one on the computer almost all of the time I was
pretty busy. We had our final transfer meeting on Wednesday and we
still changed even more stuff in the mission and moved some people
back to their original spots. These meetings have been so interesting
to see what changes and what inputs are used. All of the ZLs that I
report with have been freaking out about transfer calls all week and
I've had fun teasing them.

One exciting thing that happened this week was on Wednesday we had a
training for the trainers and their bean-chans. It was a lot of fun to
see all of them after their first transfer together. We split them and
did separate training with them where we talked to them about how
things are going and the good miracles they've seen and to help
them with any struggles they currently have. I love all the trainers
so much and I have become friends with most of them and love working
with them. I had a lot of flashbacks to when I was bean-chan and when
I was training as we discussed everyone's experiences. Good times.

After transfer calls tomorrow at the church there is a huge stake wide
Family History Fair. Both Elders Packer and Yamashita of the Quorum of
the Seventy are coming as special guests. All the missionaries from
the Meito and Okazaki Zones are coming and it should be a pretty big
missionary event. This week with my extra time with Nakamoto down I
have been prepping my personal family history booklet that President
Ishii wanted us to fill out. I also was using my Family Search app on
my iPad to see how much info it has. I forgot how much I liked doing
family history stuff and as I received some pictures from home of
grandparents and great grandparents I started entering them into the
app and checked out other pictures that had been put in by other
family members. As missionaries in the office we talked a lot about
our families this week and shared cool stories about them and it just
secured more firmly in my mind how important families are and how much
they bless us. I love my family and I'm very proud of my lineage and
don't want to disappoint them. This gospel that we as missionaries
teach about is centered around how we as families can live for
eternity with our families through Christ's atonement in a plan
created by our loving Father in Heaven. There's nothing better than

That's about it for the week folks. The only word of advice I have is
don't eat Indo Curry two days in row (It wasn't my fault a member took
us). I hope the best for you and have an exciting week. If you want to
be entertained and get the chance maybe pull out some family history
records and pedigree charts and have some fun. Maybe you'll learn a
little something you never knew!

Thanks for everything y'all and have a great week!




 Half of the Mission President's board that we use to decide transfer calls

Cool things your dad sends you when going through old pictures. That's my grandfather on his mission in south Brazil in the 1950's on the left and on the right is me as a sophomore in high school. I am wearing the same gaucho gun belt and pants about 60 years apart. We kind of look similar don't we?

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