Friday, April 8, 2016

雪のように桜が降っている (Snowing Sakura)

Good morning folks,

It's been a beautiful week here. Right now all throughout Japan the 桜
(Sakura) is blooming so there are patches of pink everywhere you go.
This is definitely one of the best places in the world to spend Spring
time. It's so special to the Japanese people that they have their own
word for looking at the flowers which is 花見 (hanami) which literally
translates to "flower watching." This beautiful scene doesn't last for
too long, only about two weeks, and then it's gone. The heavy rain a
couple of days ago put a good beating on the delicate blossoms and now
pedals are lining the streets. It's a beautiful time of year-did I say
that already?

Last week on P-Day in the evening we had a lesson with our recent
convert we are working with named 克樹 (Katski) who is only 17 and is
one of the strongest, young converts I've ever seen. He originally met
members and started going to church with a host family in Utah while
on a exchange trip there last year. After he got home he met
missionaries and and was baptized last year in the end of October.
Last week he went to the 東京神殿 (Tokyo Temple) for the first time with
the ward. In our lesson last week we followed up with him about the
temple at a member's home and discussion the importance of him
starting his family history so he can take names to the temple. It was
a great lesson and the member helped out a lot to help coach and
motivate him.

This week was essentially a repeat of last week in terms of schedule.
We went on two exchanges and helped move another apartment again.  On
Tuesday our point of interest was 松本 and is was a beautiful spring day
up there and I was able to work with Elder Mitchell and we met with
several people who I worked with up there, one of whom was Aoki who
has pretty much adopted me as her son. Mitchell and I had a really
good day working together and his Japanese is way good. He's working
really hard to help the zone's member work increase and right now his
efforts are paying off and they are seeing success with it. That night
we actually went and worked with some members and visited less active
members and invited them to watch general conference which is today
and tomorrow here in Japan. I love 長野県 (Nagano-Ken)

Wednesday we woke up at 0430, I think, in the morning to help out with an
apartment moving trip from 大垣 (Ogaki) to 瀬戸 (Seto). Nakamoto, 阿部
(Abe), and I went out as a threesome to take care of all the loading
and unloading with the elders in both of those areas. It was a good
day out getting to do some service for the 本部 in jeans a T-shirt. It
took the whole day and we were so tired when we had to teach 英会話
(Eikaiwa) that evening.

Yesterday we went on an exchange to 岡崎 (Okazaki) and attend their
District meeting there. It was one of the best DTMs I've been to in a
while and the DL, Elder Yamada, is helping out that district so much.
After DTM I got to work with my former companion Elder Klein. He is
such a stud. He is working so hard out there and is so dedicated.
Having worked with Klein and be his companion twice and watch him
develop has been such a great opportunity. He is one of the most
diligent workers and isn't distracted at all from his current purpose.
I am certain that I have learned more from Klein than he ever did from

I don't feel like I have too many stories this week. Today and
tomorrow we are watching General Conference and so we essentially
don't have much of a P-Day again. Oh well, it should be good to listen
to the prophets and apostles advice and revelation for the next six
months. This morning after we got pack from 岡崎 we met with 石井会長
(President Ishii) and we called my new companion. My new companion
(and potentially last) is going to be one of my favorite missionaries,
Elder Jones from Enterprise, Utah! I am way excited to get the
opportunity to work with him as my companion and this next transfer is
going to be fun. A lot of changes are coming to the 本部 and I am happy
to be able to work with him.

That's about a rap folks so enjoy the springtime and get ready for BBQ season!




Pic 1- Teaching 克樹 (Katsuki) at the 福山s (Fukuyama)

Pic 2- 桜

Pic 3-桜

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