Saturday, May 7, 2016

Been All Around the World

Hey folks,

Let's tell you about my week. I don't remember most of it so I'll try to sum up all of it in a couple of sentences. I had to roll out and take care of some emergency transfers and we drove from Fujieda to Nagano meaning we spent 14 hours in the car. We spent the night in Fujieda since we couldn't make it back before 2300.

When we got back and started working on transfers. And then we taught our Eikaiwa class all about Utah. On Thursday there was musical group practice and since I am not in it I went on a split with Elder Ence and it was fun. There was no one on the street but we had a good time.

On Friday we went to Fukutoku for ZTM and they went on an exchange with Elder De Spain. It was short but still a good time. This morning since we were in Fukutoku still we went to Nagoya Castle in the morning. It was bombed during the war and was rebuilt using original techniques. It was way cool on the outside and the inside was all redone, but for a history nerd like me it was cool.

That's the week. Take care out there.




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