Saturday, June 4, 2016


Well folks it has started with a bang: Transfer Week.

Thankfully it's my last one ever. We were running around so much this
week it's ridiculous. Nobody gave us a break. This was the new couple
missionary's first transfer week and they were stressed out of their
minds and were constantly asking for our help while we were trying to
take care of our responsibilities as well. The Japanese elders were
way stressed because they have to work with them and coordinate
everything in English. It's not good, but there was so much tension in
the office. I don't like being in there with everyone freaking out.

On a better note last week on P-Day we (the office missionaries) got
to go with President Ishii to a Japanese professional baseball game in
Nagoya Dome and watch the Nagoya Dragons play against the Tokyo
Swallows. It was a lot of fun to go to a game with President Ishii and watch a
day game. The Dragons are second best In the nation right now and the
Swallows were the best last year so it was a really good game. The sad
part was President Ishii wanted to follow missionary rules and we had to leave
early to get back home at 1800 to end P-Day. We were all disappointed
the next day because a member told us the game went into extra innings
and the Dragons ended up barely losing.  Going to the game was
definitely a perk of being in the 本部 and dealing with all the stress

So this was transfer week which is easily the busiest week of the
transfer. We were constantly getting things prepped for the new
missionaries and new trainers. The most successful thing in he
beginning of the week was the solo transfers were a huge success and
occurred without a hitch. I'm super grateful for that. Picking up the
new beans was good, except two of them couldn't come in because their
visas hadn't arrive yet. So on Tuesday we picked up 10 beans and
brought them into the 本部. This group is crazy. There are several
bilingual missionaries and one guy from Europe can speak three
languages fluently. Nuts. Wednesday was when the beans met their
trainers which is always exciting. All the trainers were so excited
and they are all so good and I'm excited to see how they do with their

Thursday for Jones and I was a complete office day where we caught up
on all the work that we hadn't been able to do up until that point and
we had to plan for MLC on Friday. That next day the whole office staff,
except for us, went to the airport to pick up the last two
missionaries who's visas finally came in.

Yesterday was pretty exciting. The day started off early with new
missionary orientation at 0700 and we did the whole thing in Japanese
because both are fluent in Japanese and one of the new missionaries is
Brazilian and can't speak English. From that orientation we had to
leave early to get to the church to get MLC ready to go. This was my
eighth and last MLC and probably the best I'd ever been to. The group
of Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders is so good and they are
making huge improvements to the mission. From the AP end we held a
group discussion about missionary attributes and in the beginning of
the discussion we had everyone think about their personal missionary
hero and the room got really quiet. When we asked people to list
traits of those missionaries they thought of there was great
participation and then we asked for how we could apply these thing to
our missionaries so that they can grow and develop. All of the ZLs and
STLs participated in a great discussion. There was an truly sincere
desire to help the missionaries grow. Our mission has a lot of brand
new missionaries and most of the "old" missionaries with 10 or more
transfers are ZLs. In order to keep the mission going we need to
develop these "young" missionaries to become leaders quickly. The
whole time there was such a good Spirit there. In the end of the meets
we had all of the missionaries going home at the end of the middle of
next transfer bear the testimonies. There were six including myself
and it was such a powerful testimony meeting. You could feel the
Spirit so strong and there was such a strong feeling of God's love in
that room. Sharing my final thoughts with everyone was a great
experience and I love missionaries and I love this mission. So many
spiritually life changing experiences.

Our investigators are doing good. We have teaching appointments with
both Tsubaki and David today so we are praying that they can have a
good spiritual experience and continue to progress.

I'm grateful for my last five weeks to serve here and I'm going to be
super busy to the end and look forward to another transfer of




Nagoya Dome

My last MLC

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