Sunday, December 7, 2014

Não falo Português.

Oi!  Tu tu ben?  Como você está?

As you can clearly see I live in an are with not just one, BUT two Brazilian elders.  Elder Miranda`s new compheiro is also Brazilian.  Elder Moretti is super cool and this is the last transfer of his mission.  He is what we call a ``dying`` missionary.  He was a Brazilian jujitsu/MMA fighter before the mission and could have been really good if he wouldn`t have left to come to Japan.  He is fluent in 3 languages because of his mission and he was like Miranda and couldn`t speak any English at the MTC and now he is fluent.  It`s so crazy.

This week has gone by so sloooowww.  I have forgotten a lot that has gone on.  Even though the week passed by super slow we still got a tone of work done.  We biked all over the city and have been trying to get our investigators to progress.  We went to Nagoya last Tuesday because Bills and I had to help with training the new trainers for the next batch of beans that came in.  I was hoping to see Tommy because he said that he had to be in the same area, but alas I never saw him.  

Last P-Day to celebrate Tuakoi`s transfer to Meito we went to a Yaku Niku place.  Yaku Niku is an all you can eat meat place where you grill your own meat in the middle of the table on a little stove.  It`s good, but you only get 100 minutes to eat.  We also went to Homi with the Brazilians with a Brazilian member (he`s an RM fluent in 3 languages as well) and had all you can eat Brazilian PIZZA!!  It`s super hard to find an all you can eat pizza place anywhere, but especially Japan.  It was super good. 

I got my hair cut last Tuesday and let`s just say you should watch the video on drop box because that explains it best.  

It`s been cold and raining all week, but of course we still go out and dendo anyways.  We saw a couple flakes of snow, but it just turned back into rain.  I would love some snow instead of cold rain.  

Not much else happened this week.  None of our investigators really progressed.  We did learn that one, by the name of Ando, is reading the Book of Mormon on his breaks at work which is super awesome.  He however won`t pray because he feels like he can`t talk to God.  It`s really sad because I know that our Father in Heaven wants him to talk to Him.  We are going to emphasize that God and Jesus Christ love him and want to help him in his life.

That`s it for this week.  Stay warm, unless you`re in Yuma, AZ where it`s warm whether you like it or not.  `Tis the Season!

Pic- Christmas at the Eki (train station)

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