Sunday, November 30, 2014

Transfer Calls...

Morning ya`ll,

So Saturday was transfer calls.  A transfer occurs every 6 weeks where some missionaries get shifted around to different areas.  Trainers and bean-chans don`t typically get transferred, but....Someone did get transferred out of Toyota.  Elder Tuakoi who is Miranda`s trainer got sent to Meito (The Mission Home is in that area) to become the Zone Leader!  He is super cool and it will be sad to see him go.  I`ll be here in Toyota for at least another transfer.

So this week has been super full of experiences.  First off, Elder Miranda who came to Japan with me from the MTC and he is Brazilian and all the English he knows started at the MTC (and he`s actually really good) and we went on exchanges with each other this week.  It is super rare for two transfer 1 beans to go on exchanges together.  We went to Homi Danshi (Brazilian Heaven) to visit his investigators.  On the way I was about to OYM a guy and it turned out to be a less active member I have a good relationship with and I talked to him for almost 30 minutes.  My first Japanese conversation without a trainer!!  It was a really good confidence boost.  The rest of the night was Miranda talking to investigators in Portuguese and me talking in Japanese.  It was really good for me.  It was the most Japanese I have spoken in Japan.

Last P-Day I fulfilled a goal of mine: I met a Japanese Air Self-Defense Force (Air Force) Airman.  He is a member`s son who just joined the Air Force in March and is already an NCO.  He is an electrical engineer on the C-130s I see everyday.  He was super cool and we talked (in mixed Japanese English) and showed each other lots of pictures.  He also has a sweet motorcycle.  He`s pretty much a Japanese me.

I want to talk a little about an investigator Morimura-san.  He is by far my favorite investigator.  He is super genki (energized)  all the time.  He owns a Euro/American clothing store in town where we teach him.  He looks like Tony Stark (Ironman) and he talks really informally and really fast.  He is so cool and is super fun to talk to.  We went to his shop this week and talked to him for a while and then taught about prayer.  It was super good and then we challenged him to pray on the spot with us after I provided an example for him.  He actually was willing to do so and it was so cool!  The last two investigators we`ve asked to pray have not been willing to do so.  It was super awesome and I know he will be blessed if he talks to his Father in Heaven.

Thanksgiving here was lame.  See the attached picture.  We had meat from Homi and dehydrated potatoes with a boiled egg.  Yum.  Hope you all ate a lot more than I did.

Thanks for everything everyone and ENJOY THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!



Pic 1- Air Force!!
Pic 2- Thanksgiving dinner


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