Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving


Good morning sports fans,

Another week bites the dust here in 豊田市.  This week has gone by super fast and it`s been full of ups and downs.  We had some adventures this week and it`s been a lot of bike riding.  Also it`s Thanksgiving of Labor Day here in Japan today, so Happy Thanksgiving.  And yes there was an earthquake.  Apparently it was a 6.8 in Nagano, which is a long ways away from me, but we still felt it at night and the whole apartment was swaying and it felt super weird.

We went to a member`s home with the intention of making bread, but it turned into a full on dinner and we spend almost 4 hours in the evening with the Ichikawa family.  It was super good and they are one of the nicest families in the ward.  The father is a non-member and he was at work but they have a daughter on a mission in Temple Square in Salt Lake.  We made soup, bread, and hamburger (went in the soup) and it was all ``souper`` tasty.  It was good to spend some time with a member family.  Some of my favorite memories from living in Yuma was having the missionaries come over to our house and play with us kids.  I want to be a good example for families and their kids in the ward so they can have similar memories of the missionaries that I have.

Missionary work has been kind of slow this week.  We had more member lessons than anything else.  We went to an older gentleman member`s home for me to practice Japanese and give a lesson.  His name is Miyachi Kyodai and he is super nice and one of the first members I met here.  The beginning of the lesson where I was just getting to know him went the best.  Once I tried teaching a gospel principle, everything went down hill.  I didn`t know where to with the lesson and once that happened, I lost confidence, and when I lost confidence, I lost my ability to speak.  It was great to practice with someone who is patient and wants to help me out. 

We decided to ride our bikes to the bishop`s home to talk to him about ward missionary efforts.  The ride was a 55km (35 mile) ride round trip.  It took us 2 hours to get up there all up hill.  We got to see sakura!  Sakura is cherry blossoms that only bloom twice a year.  It`s super pretty and there`s a video on the dropbox.  On the way back down (in the dark) we were flying downhill and we saw this shrine all lit up and decided to check it out.  Bills had never seen anything like it before.  There were 600 candle ``magic`` lanterns made by some mentally handicapped kids at a hospital down the road.  It was really neat and we were offered some free wild boar stew if we would have come back the next day, but we couldn`t because the next day was Sunday (shucks).

Hope you all are doing awesome and have a great Thanksgiving on 木曜日.  Eat lots of turkey for me.

Love you all and thanks for everything.


Pic: Sakura!

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