Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Sheep Dog

O-haiyo freakin gozaimasu!

It`s been another week here in 豊田市.  Speaking of which, Wednesday is my one month mark being here in Toyota!  It`s crazy to think I`ve been here for a month.  

So gone are the days of 75 degrees day and night.  All of a sudden out of nowhere it got cold.  It`s been around 45 degrees when the sun goes down (which is like 1730) so gone are the days of riding the dark streets of Toyota in short sleeves.

So here in Toyota we are on the flight path for a Japanese Air Force base in Nagoya.  Every day I see about 5-8 C-130s fly over with the the red dot painted on the sides.  Every time they fly over (I look up and almost crash my biki) I get super what we call ``trunky``.  ``Trunky`` (meaning pack your trunk and go home) is our term for missing things from our past lives or home.  For example, most missionaries get trunky when they think about girls they left behind or will potentially date when they get back.  There are only a few things that get me trunky, those things stated above.  My trainer likes to poke fun at me for getting trunky over airplanes.  I guess I`m an Air Force nerd.

Well not too much out of the ordinary has gone on here.  The big emphasis has been visiting Less Active members lately.  It`s not my favorite thing to do, but it takes us all over the city and helps us find new investigators.  

I have been really trying to focus on investigators this week and it`s super stressful.  It`s stressful to always be wondering what they need to be taught next and how to best teach them about the gospel in order to help them.  It`s been a super good, but super exhausting focus.  I am trying to be as involved as I can with everything since I cannot express myself all to well in a lesson.

My big focus for the week has been to develop a Christ-like attribute and it was also a challenge from our district leader.  On the self assessment I learned that I am the worst at...PATIENCE.  It`s funny because it`s true.  I have had a hard time being patient with our investigators slow progression and with myself learning the language.  There are days where I am super happy with how I performed while speaking to people and others where I wonder how the heck I`m going to do this.  I thought I was getting away from stress when I left USAFA, but I traded it for a new type of stress.  The main difference is that I stress over other people much more than I stress over myself.  I want to help and teach the people so bad so that they can feel God`s love.  My job is to seek out those sheep who are lost and rescue those who are in the jaws of the wolves of this world and bring them to God.

There is a Shepherd.
There are Sheep.
There are Wolves.
I am His Sheep Dog.

Thanks for all the prayers.  I love all of you.  Thanks for all the support and e-mails, it means so much.


Pic-We found this while dendo-ing.  It`s the closest I`ll get to flying for a while

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