Sunday, June 21, 2015

1200 Miles of Blood Sweat and Tears

Well this is it Sports Fans,

  Life just took a huge turn as of Saturday.  On Saturday morning I received a phone call during transfer calls.  Your boy Elder Hardcastle DL 様 is getting transferred to none other than the area he most desired of anywhere else.  MATSUMOTO 松本!!  My next companion is someone I happen to know fairly well because we have lived together before.  My new companion is none other than my MTC companion Elder Klein!  I will remain district leader for the Matsumoto/Suwa District.  I have one of the largest districts in the mission with 11 people in it. In my district I have four people from my group that came to Japan with me.  Elder Klein, Jones, Sister Uchimura, and myself.  I am super excited!  It`s funny because three weeks ago I guessed my area and companion exactly.  It`s funny because my investigator and great friend 森村 had been praying all week for me to go to Matusmoto.  Never doubt the faith of investigator prayers.  Now I am dealing with all of the stresses of getting all my gear shipped up north.  It`s crazy to think that I am leaving 豊田. 

Yesterday was a pretty sad day actually.  A lot of members I think honestly thought I would never leave the area.  The Bishop and Second Councilor both choked up talking in Sacrament Meeting.  One of our members of whom I adore, Sister Yamaguchi, was profusely sobbing.  I have pretty much become a member of the ward.  It was hard in the beginning and I didn't have all that much love for these members, but they have progressed with me and now I love them to death!  I feel almost like I am going on a second mission.  I am leaving my Japanese home ward to go to my new mission in northern Japan. 

I've learned a ton here in Toyota.  I went from Bean-Chan to District leader in 6 transfers (8 months) and had fantastic learning experiences from my companions, district leaders, zone leaders, and fellow missionaries.  I have biked 1200 miles since Christmas and I don`t even want to count the train miles. I could write a book about my experiences that I have had here.  In all, I`ll be honest, I`m gonna miss this.

This week was two companionship exchanges and quite a few member appointments.  It was a long week looking back on it.  Nothing too exciting happened except on an exchange with Elder Lehman we found a family to teach 30/30 Program while housing...a real house!  交換 Magic! We had a sports activity after transfer calls which was pretty successful where we played volleyball and badminton.  It was a pretty good end to my reign here in Toyota.

Today in the US is Father`s Day.  Yesterday was 父の日in Japan, which is the same thing.  I just wanted to shout out to my father who has been my biggest hero.  He has supported me through everything and has helped shaped me into who I am now.  I know more about cows than anyone my age and it is all due to spending treasured hours traveling around with Dad on dairy calls.  Thanks for everything Dad.

Happy Father's Day out there and have a great week.  You`ll be hearing from me next week from Matsumoto!



I knocked down all the doors in this danchi.

Yeah I went paragliding with an investigator this week. 

The District (without the ZLs)

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