Monday, June 8, 2015

The Six Pack

Alrighty Sports Fans,

Here`s the SITREP:

We had a decent week out here in Toyota this week.  The week started out great last P-Day when we gave a a church tour to an investigator we found on the street two weeks ago.  The guy actually showed up and we showed him around the building and then watched the Restoration video with him and then gave him a Book of Mormon.  It was our first time doing a tour and it turned out great!  We are meeting him again tonight.  After that lesson last week a member named Chiba (a former Nagoya missionary) to us out to Yaki Niku King and paid for us!  What a great guy. 

A lot of the week was looking for less active members on the record and trying to see if they even still live here in Toyota anymore.  I started cleaning up the record two transfers ago and a lot of people have moved.  It`s like playing hide and go seek, but it`s a project to fill in the days.

I had my first companionship exchange as District Leader this week.  Part of being a District Leader means that I have to go on exchanges with the other elders in my district to see how their area is doing, give training, and give them a break from their companion for 24 hours.  I stayed in Toyota with a Japanese elder named Horio.  He`s a really fun guy and has lots of energy and he is one of the few Japanese people who understands sarcasm.  It was a fun time, but the dendo kind of sucked. One of our investigators dropped us and the less actives we tried visiting weren`t home.  It was still a fun time to hang with another missionary and it was great practice to talk in Japanese.

On Friday I gave my first DTM (District Training Meeting).  The theme I was given by the APs was becoming a Full-Purpose Missionary.  The way I took that was by asking questions that applied aspects of missionary life to an aircraft`s six main instruments known as the ``Six Pack``.  Here were the Six:

Speed Indicator: MAX Effective Power?
Attitude Indicator: Attitude?
Altitude Indicator: Spiritually High?
Turn and Bank Coordinator: Coordinated Companionship?
Heading Indicator: Where are You Heading?
Vertical Speed Indicator: How are You Handling the Ups & Downs

The idea is that if you are in the affirmative to these questions then you are a successful, full-purpose missionary.  We then listened to a couple of missionaries share some of their experiences with missionaries who were fulfilling their purpose and went over the six pack and assessed if they had met all six.  I hope DTM went well and that it was received well.  I figured I needed to try to make it authentic so I wanted to connect it to flying.

We also just barely committed Rei Takami to be baptized today!  The date is in September so I probably won`t be able to see it.  We are super excited for her. Being here in Toyota for so long is allowing me to see lots of fruits from my past companions and my labors.  It`s a long journey, but there`s progress.

I hope you all have a great week!



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