Sunday, May 31, 2015


Good morning Sports Fans!

Wow, this week went by pretty fast, but it feels like a long time since last P-Day.  It`s pretty crazy. We had a lot of lessons taught this week and we invited three people to be baptized.  None of them gave us a firm no, but Tsuzuki recommitted to a day in August!  We were teaching one of the member referral investigators that Butters and I started teaching back in Februrary, Rei, about faith, repentance, and baptism with her father (a member) and invited her to be baptized.  I have invited her to baptism two times before (with Butters and Tramacchi) with negative results, but now she is so much more prepared and she said YES!  The problem is that her mother is going to China for the next three months and they don`t want to do the baptism without the mother being there.  So the plan is to do it in September, but since she doesn`t have a firm date we can`t count her as a 約束者 (person with a baptismal date).  Also this week while I was on a companionship exchange with one of my Zone Leaders we invited a lady named Keiko to baptism.  We first met her about a month ago and she is so cool.  She has two kids and I believe she really wants to find a way to make her family happier.  She didn`t decline our invitation, but had lots of questions and then her son kind of interupted the discussion and we couldn`t get back on track to re-invite.  From these stories I can definitely tell you that the Work of Salvation is progressing here in Toyota. 

This week I have been here for 8 months and I can tell you how much change I have seen since I got here.  In both the work and the ward Toyota has changed.  My goal is to make Toyota an area in the mission where people want to compete to go to.

Not a super funny story, but someone might get a chuckle.  All Zone Leaders in the mission receive a sheet with everyone in the mission, their area, companion, and picture.  Well I asked my ZLs if they could send it to me on their iPad and they said no problem.  In the past missionaries would just take a picture with their camera, but now we have iPads so life is easier.  Anyways, this week at our Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) I was in the midst of air-dropping (iPad iOS8 function) the sheet to the other District Leader in the zone and one of the Assistants to the President (only 2 in the mission) saw me sending it and kind of got a little ancy and both APs asked where I got it and told me I would need to delete the sheet because only ZLs are allowed to see it.  Oh no! Elder Hardcastle has seen the super Top Secret transfer sheet that everyone sees anyways! To make things more fun that night after ZTM the Mission Home sent out an email to everyone telling all missionaries that if they aren`t ZLs they need to delete the sheet.  Yep, all because of this guy.  I`ll just be more careful next time.

One last story is I finally met Sister Ichikawa from the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission.  Dad met her back in December because her family is my favorite family in the ward here.  She just got home on Thursday and her English is really good. 

That`s about it for this week.  I have my first District Training Meeting this week and a companionship exchange to go on.  Should be fun!

Big shout out to Audrey and Brock who finished high school!  They don did bin reel edjumacated at that ther Mounten Crest! 

Have a great week out there ya`ll!  Heck, throw a BBQ.  It is summer time after all.



Pic - My Japanese grandparents.  

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