Sunday, May 17, 2015

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Well Sports Fans, here`s your transfer update:

In the words of Jeff from the TV show Survivor, ``The votes are in and the decision is final; those voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately.  I`ll tally the votes.``  I will be transferred to.......Nowhere!  Yes that`s right ladies and germs I am staying another five weeks here in Toyota.  I am the last one in my group that came to Japan to transfer.  Luckily this transfer is short and it`s only five weeks instead of six (because President Yamashita will finish being mission president).  At transfers I was informed that I am now the District Leader of the Okazaki/Toyota District.  So now I have some more respondsibilities including going on exchanges with the elders in my district, running District Training Meeting everyweek, and being an example to other missionaries.  It should be a great experience.  I am really excited to work with a district again and have the opportunity to lead.

This week was kind of crazy.  I thought I was transferring so I said good bye to a lot of investigators and now it`s going to be awkward to go back and still be around.  But we still had cool experiences.

On Monday we had a district activity in Okazaki and got to go to Okazaki Castle.  It was my first time going to a castle in Japan.  It was fun but the castle is kind of sad.  The origianl was destroyed in the late 1800s after the samurai were banned by the government.  Since the the castle was a symbol of fuedal Japan, it was flattened.  Similar things happened across the country.  Part of the castle was rebuilt in the 1960s and that is what we went to.  It was just sad that is wasn`t the original because from the models they had it was beautiful.

My bike has been an issue this week.  I have been trying to take care of it, but alas this city has beat it up.  My back tire frame has been bent and has been getting progressively worse and worse.  The tire is scraping against the brake and destroying the tire.  I took it in to get it looked at, but they said I`d need to order a new tire, but since I thought I was transferring I didn`t order one.  Then I was biking out in in a city five miles away and my front tire went flat.  I had to buy a repair kit and pump and fix it.  Then after transfer calls my back tire finally died and I took it into the shop and it will be there for a week while the new tire comes in.

The main benefit I guess that came with not transferring is that I think that the ward actually likes me.  It was weird to see members genuinely happy that I am staying.  One member calls me ``The Legend`` because I`ve been here for so long.  It`s been cool to see the changes that have occurred here in the last 71/2 months.  I guess Toyota still needs our help.

Anyways, I hope ya`lls week has been super exciting.  Remember patience is a virtue.  Imagine if you were stuck somewhere for 7 months?  :) I hope you all are staying cool, because I am sweating like a dog here.  Thanks for all your love and support!


Pic 1- Pretty much a samurai
Pic 2- Shot of Okazaki castle

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