Sunday, May 24, 2015


Well folks there goes the first week of the transfer.

As said in the subject line, it`s been a long week.  We did quite a bit but it ended up being quite a blur.  We had almost an appointment a day (which is rare) and those all went decently well.  Let`s talk about some of them.

On Tuesday we had a great second lesson with a lady named Keiko.  She is a single mother (Japanese husbands tend to leave their families) with two kids.  We taught the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon and she was committed to start reading Moroni 10:3-5.  She is so awesome to teach and is really fun to talk to.  We also had a great lesson with our Brazilian investigator Fabricio this Thursday about faith and baptism.  We definitely felt the Spirit in the lesson and invited him to be baptized and it got really quiet and I know the Spirit was testifying to him what we were teaching was true, but he said that he didn`t feel like he had an answer from God yet.  He definitely has the faith.  He has started reading the Book of Mormon (O Livro de Mormon in Portuguese :)) and loves it.

We did a lot of member work this week as well.  We got two referrals this week which is incredible because I go a transfer with maybe one. They aren`t investigators yet, but we made good relationships with them.  We got a phone call from a member to give one of the Filipino ladies, who was sick, a blessing because we speak English.  We also visited one of our Filipino members, Quim, with Jim (an American who is in the ward) as a home teaching visit.  Quim is a super cool guy who moved here from Hamamatsu last transfer.  He is a civil engineer who left the Phillipines to learn new earthquake proof technology for a year and a half.  He has been gone from his wife and daughter for a year and three months.  He loves the missionaries and has become a good friend of mine.  I am kind of his translator.  We also had a night of my favorite Japanese food Okonomiyaki at the Mishima`s home.

Our boy Takahashi will be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood this next Sunday and we are super excited for him. 

Hopefully some cool stuff happens this week.  Sorry for the lack of neat stories.  Life has been really normal lately, so nothing too unique.  Sounds like summer break is starting up for everybody.  I hope you all have some fun!!


Pic- Hobbiton!  Not, it`s an ancient burial mound we found

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