Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Good Morning Folks,

Happy Mother`s Day to all of the mums out there.  I love my mom.  she`s tougher than some men I`ve met.  She is about to have two sons on missions thousands of miles away from eachother.  She is going to reap in all the blessings.  I had a great phone call yesterday morning with the family.  Everyone seems to be doing alright at home.  Sometimes I wish I could just get a one hour phone call everyweek, but alas, that is not how real life is. 

A lot of cool stuff happened this week though.  It was Coleman`s Senpai week so he was in charge of all the palnning and appointments for the week.  He did an ok job.  He is not the best of planners in the world, but that`s ok because he did get us some good appointments.  On Cinco de Mayo we got to have a BBQ with our Brazilian investigator Fabricio and his family.  It was really fun and we made a ton of meat!  I haven`t had that much beef in a long time. 

I got to go to Okazaki this week on exchanges with my District Leader Elder Orellana.  I haven`t gotten to leave Toyota and work in another area for over a transfer, so I was really happy to get a break from my city.  I got to meet some people I have met there before and they were really surprised that I was still here.  I mean who isn`t surprised that I am still here?  It was a good time. 

Yesterday was a big deal for Toyota 2.  We had a baptism!  Our investigator Takahashi got baptized and it was an awesome experience.  I remember the words to the ordinance and the Spirit was super strong.  It was a super special experience.  The ward is fellowshipping him really well and I see a bright future for Takahashi in the gospel.

It`s the last week of the transfer and I will find out on Saturday if I finally leave the area or not.  I hope all goes well.

Best of luck this week on all your adventures.  Take Luck!  I appreciate all of the prayers.


Picture: Baptism!

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