Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I Hear There's a Party In Nonami

Good Morning Sports Fans,

Welcome to the start of Transfer 10! Double digits baby! I guess I
better update you on the situation of all of us inside the 松本
apartment. To start things off Andrade and I both requested to stay
together in 松本 so that we could try to see some more success in the
area and zone. I had the worst nights sleep before transfer calls
because I had a dream that they were still going to transfer me and
the reason would be due to one of the current APs wanting to be
Andrade's companion.We were 90% confident that neither of us was going
to get transferred. Klein on the other hand had just finished training
and we new he was leaving. Transfer calls normally last an hour and it
was five minutes to the hour and nobody had been called so we assumed
that everyone was staying. Then Elder Klein's phone rang. He is
getting transferred to Ogaki in Gifu Prefecture. His bean-chan, Elder
Hansen, is staying and going co-Senpai. As he is finishing talking he
asks the APs if they need to talk to the ZLs-us. They said yes and I
was told I was leaving and I was way angry. I was told that I was
going to be sent to become the new Meito Zone Leader, but they changed
the ZL area to Nonami, which is suburbs of Nagoya. I was then told who
my new companion was and I almost couldn't believe my ears... My new
companion is none other than Elder Tommy Eadie!! That's right folks, I
get to be companions with one of my best friends from USAFA! It's
crazy. What is even more crazy is that Andrade's new companion is
Elder Tanner one of our APs. So my dream from the night before came
true. Darn APs.

Currently I'm all packed up and ready to roll, but before we talk
about he future let's talk about this past week.

Tuesday was Zone Conference which took almost all of the day. The ZLs
didn't have much time to give any training, but what we did do went
really well. Andrade and I talked about Peter and how through faith he
was strengthened from being afraid to have been associate of Christ
into the leader of the early church. Peter has become one of my
personal heroes. There's a great talk by President Uchtdorf (a current
Prophet and leader of the church) that he gave to all new mission
presidents in July about Peter and helping missionaries become like
Peter that was amazing. Maybe I'll send it out to you all.

In a somewhat festive mood we had two Halloween Parties at the church.
One was on Wednesday during our Eikaiwa time. We talked a little about
Halloween history and did some Halloween English words and then had a
party. The students favorite game was doing the classic
donut-on-a-string eating racing contest. Not as many people came as we
hoped, but it was still a lot of fun. Our Branch Halloween Party on
Saturday was a huge success and two of our investigators came and a
lot of non-members also came.

One way cool experience this week was that my former companion Rhys
Tramacchi came back to 松本 from Wednesday to Friday. He came to our
Eikaiwa on Wednesday and we went and ate dinner with him on Thursday.
It was way good to see him again. He didn't look as tired as he used
to so that means that after the mission you do get to rest.

Lastly the saddest moment of leaving will be tonight saying good bye
to Aoki and Preto who pretty much adopted me as their son. I am really
going to miss them. They told us that we are the two missionaries who
have touched them the most and they don't want us to get split up. I
love them so much.

That's about it folks. Next week you'll hear all about bright lights,
big city Nonami, so stay tuned!

Love you all. Best wishes!



Pic 1- After Zone Conference
Pic 2- 英会話 Halloween Party
Pic 3- Tramack is Back

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