Monday, October 26, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle

Well folks,

This week has been real, it's been good, but it hasn't been real good.
Just another one bites the dust. I did, however, have some experiences
that I'll never have anywhere else.

On Tuesday I got the opportunity to back to 上高地 (Kamikochi) this week
and see the spectacular color change that occurs in the Japanese Alps.
The Japanese actually have a word for the leaves changing color which
is 紅葉 (Koyo). The kanji mean "crimson leaves." We went with an
investigator of Andrade's from his previous area and went on a little
hike up there. It was way pretty and ate this fish they catch in the
river called 岩魚 (iwana). They gut it, skewer it, and then roast it
over the a fire with salt. You eat the whole thing; head, bones, and
tail. It's way good. As we were heading back we saw these little
monkeys and then it turned out to be a whole tribe of these suckers.
They are a sandy color with red faces and backsides. They are coming
down from the higher mountains because of the cold. They were eating
these red berries on the trees and would walk right up next to us. It
was super cool and I felt a little bit like I was on the "Jeff Corwin
Experience." I'll put some vids on the drop box.

Wednesday was my one year mark since I came to Japan. After 英会話 I
burned a tie on the back porch and said a few sentimental words and
ate some apple pie a member made for us. It's crazy to think that I
have been in this country for over a year now. I'm only in my second
area and I've put so much time and effort into this it's crazy. I've
seen a lot of changes in myself and others and is something I would
never give up.

For teaching this week we had really cool lesson with Aoki and Preto
on Thursday. Preto got way serious and shared an experience he had. We
have really been working with them to be baptized and have been asking
them to pray about it. Preto said that after our lesson on Tuesday he
way praying about it and then next day he went to work and said all he
could think about was us and O Livro de Mòrmon the whole time. He said
that when he got back and looked at the Book of Mormon on his kitchen
table and he said he felt a great power from the book. This caused him
to decide that he needs to read the whole thing to know what's inside
it's pages. He already believes it's true, but wants to know more, it
has positively affected him so much that he has promised us that he
will read a chapter a day and when he finishes he wants to talk more
about baptism. Our hope is that as he reads he'll be so affected by
the Spirit that he'll have the desire to come closer to God through
baptism. Aoki is good to baptized almost whenever. She is completely
off coffee and has almost quit smoking.

Nothing else really exciting happened this week. We received the worst
persecution ever from a guy we housed into this week and I got super
angry. For some reason this old feller had to try to tell us how
terrible we are. We don't usually get trashed on by people in Japan,
but every once in a while you find someone who just has to trash you.
My patience isn't the best so I have a hard time keeping my cool in
those situations.

Well that's a wrap folks. I just got back from 松本城 for the third time
with the district and it was fun. A member from 諏訪(Suwa) Branch did a
tour for us in English which was nice.

Hope you all have a great week. Have a great Halloween!

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