Sunday, October 11, 2015

We`re On Fire!

Good Morning Sports Fans,

It`s that time of the week to hear an update from the Far East Orient.  Andrade and I had a killer week and saw tons of miracles and had a lot of cool experiences.  We found 16 new investigators and we committed two of them to be baptized!  Let`s begin.

The beginning of the week is where the meat of the finding was.  We had an exchange with the APs so with four of us in the area for one cause helped us to find a lot. The big thing that has helped us and our zone find has been our Book of Mormon challenge.  You can always find somebody who will willing accept the book if you honestly go out and try everyday.  They may not always become an investigator, but we`re doing our part to fulfill President Benson`s prophecy to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon.  We have only missed one day and that was Saturday due to spending the day watching General Conference.  We are running out of Books of Mormon, but it`s so good to be able to place one or more copies a day!

On Wednesday a new investigator who Aoki and Preto introduced to us to came to Eikaiwa.  His name is Keiji, but goes by his nickname Kaka and he is Brazilian, but grew up in Japan.  He brought two other friends with him (one Japanese and other Brazilian/Japanese) and they also became investigators.  The Japanese friend is named Ryutou and he lived in LA for four years of high school and is fluent in English.  Yesterday after General Conference we had a lesson with Kaka and Ryutou at the church and taught them the whole first lesson about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and asked them if they received an answer would they be baptized and they said yes!  Their day is for next month and we have high hopes for them.  They are both way young(Kaka is 15 and Ryutou is 19) so they could have potential to serve missions in the future.  That`s far out planning, but we are advised to teach with faith and the end in sight.

General Conference this week was way good.  The main themes from the prophets and apostles all had to pertain with discipleship, the Plan of Salvation, faith, and keeping the Sabbath day holy.  We managed to help our other two 約束者s, Aoki and Preto to come to the last session on Sunday and it was really good for them.  

The main event we had on Sunday was a baptismal service for an investigator Elder Klein and I taught when we were together named 吉野(Yoshino).  It was Klein`s first baptism and it was way good.  He almost forgot to say, ``amen`` while performing the ordinance, but it was a really good baptism.  吉野 is another investigator whom I have taught and is now baptized.  Aoki and Preto also went to the baptismal service and it helped motivate them for their baptismal date for the 25th of this month.  We`re starting to see a lot of success in this area and I love working with Elder Andrade and this zone!

I hope you all the best this week.  At home right now one of my dad`s best friends from his mission is staying with them.  It has been so cool to see how much my father`s mission has blessed his life and is blessing mine. Missions build life-long friendships and are the coolest experiences you can ever have.  



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