Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I've Had Better Weeks

Good morning folks,

So this has been another roller coaster ride of a week here in 'Nam.
This next week is going to be pretty busy as well. We have had a lot
of rejection, but also had some crazy successes.

Monday last week was rough. We had this sweet plan with our
investigator 松本 (Matsumoto) to do a family home evening at the mission
home with President Ishii, but two hours before she wanted to
cancel. We just scrambled and it took an hour of coaxing her via
texting to get her to decide to go again, but the hitch was that she
now needed a ride. We called a member who has become her friend at the
last minute and she was kind enough to do it for us. Once we actually
got to the mission home it went well. The Ishii's are so good and 松本
brought two of her sons. It was just a really good way for her to
learn more about the church and meet our mission president.

A couple of investigators dropped us this week and haven't been able
to find very much either.  One guy who was a success though was
somebody the sisters found who referred over to us. They had given him
a Book of Mormon and we decided to go and see how much he had read. To
our surprise he had read half of it! He's a rather old fellow so has
all the time in the world to read and he likes reading Christian books
because it only has good, happy things written in them. So we'll see
how this progresses.

The largest success of the week was a lesson we had on Friday with the
松本's again. We taught the mother about the Ten Commandments and it
went really well and then at the end of the lesson three of her kids
came to the door and asked if it was time to pray. We prayed with them
all at the door and they told us that they would see us at church. One
of the kids, the daughter, used to have almost no interest in us or
the church, but her mom received some Primary CDs from Ishii 姉妹 and
has been listening to them and that peaked her interest enough to have
her come to church yesterday. The power of Primary Children's songs.

We ended off the week yesterday teaching a recent convert, Roberto,
about temples and the blessings of going to the temple. It was a
really good lesson and he got really excited to be able to help his
ancestors who have passed on so he can help be with them for eternity.

That's about a wrap for the week folks. I hope you all are getting
into the Christmas Spirit. The church released a new Christmas video
about why we celebrate Christmas and the necessity of a Savior. Please
take a look if you have time at christmas.mormon.org.

Love you all and have great week!



爆食とんかつ "Explosive Tonkatsu" so much food

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