Monday, January 18, 2016

Baa Baa Blacksheep

Good afternoon sports fans,

Another week has come and gone. It's been pretty good. I got to go on
another exchange and get some work done. The week was a little slow
teaching wise, but we finally managed to meet up with 松本 (Matsumoto)
and her kids again. We were able to see how she's been lately and she
seems to be doing pretty good at the start of this new year. We are
hoping to rebuild a good relationship with her again and help her
start coming back to church again.

On Thursday I headed out to the city of 春日井 (Kasugai) to go on an
exchange with Elder Ence who is a bean-chan out there. It was his
Senpai Week and so he had his day planned out and we were ready to
execute it. Everything was going well until after we tried visiting an
investigator and headed off to look for a former investigator where we
got lost for a couple of hours. Ence just transferred into the area a
week and a half ago during an emergency transfer so he was trying his
best to get around the area and was doing pretty well. He is such a
good missionary. Way better than I was when I was transfer 2. It was
so much fun working with a young missionary! I'd love to train again,
but I'm pretty sure that's not an opportunity I'll get again.

Yesterday we also went on an exchange with a DL by the name of 増子
(Masuko) who actually works in the 本部 (Honbu=mission home) so because
of all his office work he can only exchange on Sunday's after church.
We went out to work as a three some which is hard, but we made it
work. We housed an apartment building and then visited and had an AB
Lesson with Roberto. He is doing so good. He came to church yesterday
and he was trying to speak to the members in Japanese and they were
kind enough to help him practice. Tonight we got him set up to do
family history online so he can begin to find family names to take to
the temple. Every time we visit him he grows more and more spiritually.
It was a little hard for 増子 because we taught everything in English,
but he tried his best to speak in English.

This morning something happened which will change the pace of my
mission a little bit. I received a phone call from President Ishii
where he extended to me a call to become of of his two assistants. I
accepted and I will be leaving Nonami on Wednesday to go work in the
本部 as an Assistant to the President. I have no idea what I will be
doing there and I'm a little confused about why they chose me, the
most black sheep zone leader in the mission, but I'll do my best.
With becoming AP my new P-Day is going to be on Saturdays so you will
all get my e-mails on Friday. So look forward to that. I'll have
another P-Day this week so you'll probably hear from me then.

Ok folks, that's a wrap. I hope you're having a great midwinter and
MLK day. Thanks for all the love and best of luck this week!



Pic 1- Big City

Pic 2- Words of Wisdom in 春日井

Pic 3-12 Floors

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