Saturday, January 23, 2016

P-Day? Again!?

Good morning sports fans,

Yes it's true it's P-Day again. I got here on Wednesday night and
haven't stopped running since. On Thursday morning I went with my new
companion, Elder Nakamoto on a companionship exchange to Matsumoto!
Nobody in the mission knew I was an AP so the missionaries flipped out
when I walked in. I was able to spend the whole day with my good
friend/ former companion from Brazil, Elder Andrade. It was a great
day! We met a lot of people who Andrade and I actually found and
taught together and it was such a great experience to go back and work
with him again. We were able to visit Aoki and Preto in the evening
and they were so surprised and happy! I love those two. It was so good
to see them and others doing so well in the area.

Yesterday we returned from 松本 and did some office work to prepare for
transfer calls, which were today, and then we headed out to start
getting paperwork done for my application to get a drivers license and
that took a long time. Nakamoto and I had time to go dendo at night
and that finished off our day.

This morning was actually a pretty cool experience to actually call
people for transfer calls. Being the guy behind the phone call and see
how it all works is a pretty neat experience. It's way interesting to
call and hear people's reactions, both good and bad. After the calls
were done we had a ZL and DL phone conference call. Since then we've
had our P-Day of eating out with the district and shopping. Next week
should also be exciting because we get to pick up the new bean chans
on Tuesday and have Mission Leadership Conference on Friday. It's
going to be way busy. I more fully understand what I do next week once
I've actually experienced it.

It should be a great transfer. I really like my new companion and he's
ready to work and so am I. It should be a lot of fun and a lot of work.
Let's roll.

Best of luck his week and have an adventure wherever you are!



Pic 1- Cool Shrine in Nonami

Pic 2- Looking over 名古屋 (Nagoya) in Nonami

Pic 3- Working with Dave in on my last day in Nonami

Pic 4- Toyoshina Eki in 松本

Pic 5- Andrade and his companion with a guy we found together

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