Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11 いつも おぼえます(Always Remember)

Konichiwa minasan,

Another week bites the dust here at BYU State Penitentiary (MTC).  Just kidding, it's really not that bad.  I was asked to give a brief synopsis of what I actually do here.  Well here is an average day schedule:

0630-Wake up 
0640-0730- Gym
0830- Daily Planning
0900- Personal Study
1000- Companionship Study
1100- Language Study
1200- Additional Study
1250- Lunch
1330- TALL Language computer program
1430-1730- CLASS
1730- Dinner
1820-2130- CLASS
2230- Bed Time

That's our average day here at the MTC with every minute of everyday planned out.  It's really exhausting here.  I feel super smoked every morning when I wake up.  I'd kill for a weekend.  Wait, what's a weekend?

I was replaced as DL on Sunday.  I was really sad that I lost my district, but they try to trade out DL's every 3 weeks.  I love working with everyone in our district.  I have been learning some Portuguese on the side because the other companionship we share a room with are from Brazil.  One speaks English, but the other doesn't.  Tsuru Choro is the English speaker and new DL and his Doryo, Miranda Choro, is in the Brazilian Army and is a survival instructor in the Amazon.  Pretty sweet right?  Miranda has been really quiet, but since I've tried to speak Portuguese he has really opened up and is trying to learn some English along with Nihongo.  I wish I could be multi lingual.  I am losing my German and it's making me sad.  I wish I could retain it somehow, but it just might now be meant to be.

The language is coming slower now.  We are not learning a quickly as we were.  We are three weeks in and we still use simple sentences, but I cannot have a conversation.  My comprehension really depends on the day and the speed at which someone talks and their vocab.  We are not allowed to use notes or books in any of our lessons now.  It is all based off of our preparation and ability to come up with sentences on our own.  None of the other districts do this, but I'm glad our Sensei-tachi are pushing us to do better.  They really want us to teach by the Spirit and I can come up with stuff on my own off of inspiration sometimes and that is cool, but it really depends on my vocab, grammar, and lesson prep.  

Tommy and Tanner left the MTC this week on Monday and Tuesday, respectively.  I'm going to miss those two.  I'll get to be able to see Tommy in a couple of months.  All three of us are going to try to get into CS-09 "Viking Nine" when we go back to the hill.  It would be sweet if it all worked out.

We got our first Dear John letter in our district this week.  One of our Shimai got it from her boyfriend.  Thank goodness I don't have any relationship problems or anything to tie me down.  Dad has always been right from the beginning.  Life's just going to be great as a freelancer over the several years of life.  I'm just waiting for some more of those to sneak in here in the next 7 weeks.

I don't know why but I want to talk a little about my New Zealand friend Cowan Choro.  Unbeknownst to most, this optimistic, half Maori guy only has one leg.  He is a great fun loving guy who almost always has something positive to say.  He was hit by a car while training for a triathlon a couple years ago and lost the use of his leg and  thought that he would never be able to serve a mission.  Now this Choro through his strength and diligence is serving a mission and his twin is in the Philippines serving as well.  He will be riding a bicycle like the rest of us and he doesn't worry.  He know that if he puts his trust in his Father in Heaven he can accomplish anything.  In fact we all can.  God loves all of us and with him anything is possible.

Here's a great scripture from our Devotional on Sunday.  1 Timothy 4:12 "Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in purity."  That's what us Senkyoshi are supposed to do.

Remember today is 9-11.  There are those serving out there so that I can practice my religion and allow this Gospel to spread.

Supiido to Tenshi

Hardcastle Choro

Pic 1- I had Dad e-mail me some flag patches for my district.  They came the day right before I was release from being DL.  Good timing.
Pic 2- Tommy, Tanner, and I
Pic 3- Tommy and I until the mission field
Pic 4- On Wednesdays we wear pink (at least most of the district and Nitta Sensei)


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