Thursday, September 18, 2014

こんにちわ皆さん (Kon'nichiwa Minasan)


We are down another week.  Things are going decently well.  My Nihongo is progressing and it is coming along the more I use it and teach.  Life is so repetitive here it's annoying.  It's getting difficult to come up with new stuff to write about as the week commences.  I need some new scenery.  

One of my Shimai started having foot problems so bad she could hardly walk.  In the beginning her feet just ached and then she found out she has heel spurs, but was told not to worry about it until after the mission.  Then the next day she got worse and worse and was told on Sunday by our Branch Presidency that if she couldn't walk by the end of the week she was going to be sent home.  She was devastated.  She asked me for a blessing and I was more than willing to oblige.  I felt a strong impression to tell her afterwards that I didn't know when she would be healed, only that she would weather she could stay or if she had to go home.  We found out yesterday that Kasteler Shimai will be staying with us.  She had a minor tear in a tendon in the back of her ankle and it got super inflamed and that it should heal itself.  She walking with a minor limp right now, but she should be just fine.  Miracles do happen with faith.

Our new DL signed us up to host the new incoming senkyoshi-tachi on Monday and yesterday I helped welcome 4 of them to the MTC.  I don't have a desire to do it again.  Every person I hosted will leave right before me or right after me and I've already been here for four weeks.  It was a good experience to do it once, but I hope we don't get signed up to do it again.  

We had an Apostle come and talk to us Tuesday night (sorry Tommy).  Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us on prayer and about the missionary experience.  My favorite thing he said was, "Missions are fun so have a blast!"  I loved that.  He loves missionaries and said that missions are meant to be a time of work, but have fun and make it the best two years of your life.  To me that says if there are some minor rules that need to be bent then I say bend them because you'll never have this experience again.  2 Nephi 2:25 says, "Adam fell that men might be, that men are that they might have joy"  I intend to have and find joy on my mission.  

I am enjoying the spiritual experiences I am having here, but I can't wait until I can get to Nihon.  My purpose is to serve them and I want to leave this time of training and get to work.  Saturday is my halfway point here at the MTC and I can't wait until I get on the airplane on Oct 20.



Hardcastle 長老

Pic 1: We finally got some Nihon shirts after four weeks.  These are a hot item for some reason and they have been sold out.  When we got ours they sold out before lunch.
Pic 2: Planting flowers for service.
Pic 3: Mom's stickers on the backs of some of our name tags.


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