Thursday, September 25, 2014

もうもういっかい (Once More)

こんにちわ かぞく と ともだち (use google translate that make's it fun)

So we lucked out here at the MTC and another Apostle of the Lord came and spoke to us here.  That's two in two weeks!! (sorry once again Tommy)  M. Russell Ballard came and spoke and it was as though his talk was meant for me.  He spoke as a grandfather would to all of his grandchildren about missionary work.  He said to remember that we volunteered to be servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and that we need to wake up to that reality.  His talk was really important to me because I have been reading his book "Our Search for Happiness" which was written for nonmembers.  I encourage you all to read it, it is a great book especially for those who don't know much about the church.  I have been trying to find ways to strengthen my testimony and faith and it has really helped to become the investigator my self and to find answers to my questions.  

Something to truly celebrate is that it has been ONE MONTH as of last Saturday!!!!  I get my parole in less than a month.  My Nihongo is progressing slow and steady, but I really just want to get to Nihon and learn from experience.  I'm seeing pics from all my Academy buddies from around the world and I'm still here.  Patience is a virtue I guess.  

I guess I should tell you all that my companion Klein 長老 and I have been called to be the Zone Leaders for our branch.  We are now overseeing five districts and life just got more busy.  I guess this is a life of work and service so you can sleep when you're dead.  We have to fit in DL interview around our study time and にちようび (Sunday) just became the busiest day of the week.  This is what I've needed though.  I have felt somewhat without a purpose since we got a new DL and it was great to get back in the saddle again.  It helps my attitude and makes me feel like I'm in the service of others since I don't have real investigators or Nihongiins to serve.

Lessons are still hard to teach depending on the investigator.  The other day Klein and I were teaching a lesson to our difficult "investigator" and we forgot our lesson plan.  It was so bad in fact that he told us that if we didn't remember we could come back and teach later.  He was opening the door for us to leave and we hadn't even had a closing prayer.  So embarrassing.  Our other "investigator" is progressing well, but he's also a "17 year old kid" so he's easier to connect with and talk to.  It's just hard to get excited to teach a きゅうどしゃ (an investigator) who doesn't really want to learn.  We just haven't found the right way to connect with him yet.

Missions are cool.  There's nothing I'd rather be doing right now.  It will only get better once I leave here.

I love you all and all of your support.  It means a ton.

スピイド と てんし


Pic 1- Some of the district with our Nihon shirts
Pic 2- All Hail the Utah State Aggies!  We got my buddy Cowan a Aggie shirt because BYU tries to convert all the international elders to come to BYU and they give them free gear.  I thought he needed a second opinion.
Pic 3- Someone missing a leg?


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