Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Game of Souls

Good Morning Sports Fans,

Today is another beautiful day in the neighborhood.  I heard about the disappointing Super Bowl.  That`s too bad.  A lot happened this week so let`s get started.

First off I was inspired while riding my bike last Saturday and created a whole game to motivate Elder Butters and I to OYM.  For explanation of the game please watch the ``Game of Souls`` video on the dropbox.  The game was a super huge help for us and we felt (and were) super successful this week.  We didn`t get any new investigators through OYM, but I am pretty sure we were blessed for our efforts.  Elder Butters did end up winning, but I didn`t feel too bad because he is almost done with his mission and I am still in the beginning of mine.  He beat me 71-51.  He got lucky on his exchange in Okazaki because one day this week he didn`t get any points.  This week I am going to win.

We did a crazy dendo effort right in front of Toyota Co. World Headquarters this week.  In order to get these very uptight Japanese business men to talk to us we did some Eikaiwa 英会話 (English Class) advertising.  See ``Eggo my Eigo`` video.  We handed out a lot of flyers, but what was the coolest experience was while we we holding our sign a man in a car called out to us and told us to wait for him.  After a couple of minutes the man came up to us super excited that we teach free English.  It was super cool and our plan for トヨタ会社 was a success.

Also this week found some investigators through housing which is super good.  We have been steadily housing a danshi for the past two weeks and we`ve managed to get three investigators out of 250 something doors.  I don`t like housing, but when you`ve got nothing else going for you that`s what you have to do.  Butters likes to laugh at me because I don`t always understand what they say and so I keep talking and it`s super awkward.  Sometimes I give up too easily when someone tells me they don`t have interest.  I just have to find the balance.  

We also were in Okazaki (岡崎)this week which is awesome.  Butters served there a year ago and the members loved him.  He has been so happy to go back to an area he served in.  We did a super companion exchange meaning we both went to Okazaki and were just with different companions.  We all had dinner at a member`s home who cried when Butters showed up.  That how good of a relationship he built in 岡崎.  We got some sweet pics with them.

That`s about a wrap for the week.  It was super awesome and we`ll see what this week will bring!  I love you all and thank you so much for your support.



Pic- I bought a huge sushi roll

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