Sunday, February 1, 2015

Winter's Coming

Good Morning/Afternoon sports fans,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  To Dad, Audrey, Brock.  Ya`ll are one year older and wiser too, so happy birthday to you!

I hear that it`s Super Bowl Sunday and that the Seahawks are definitely going to win.  Yesterday kicked off February which is the coldest month here in Toyota.  So far that statement is proving true.  The wind blows like crazy!  Toyota is also starting to get a little crazy.

First off our suicidal investigator is still alive and after stressing out over him for over a week he decided to drop us because we wouldn`t give him poison.  What the heck!?  We tried to save a life and then he turned his back on us and what will save his soul.  People are crazy.  Since he dropped us we now are down to two investigators, one of which we found last P-Day.  Last week we started housing a ``danshi`` (multiple apartment complexes in one area) where missionaries had never knocked.  I don`t like housing, but nothing has really been working for us.  We just finished 2 of 12 apartment buildings, which was 144 doors (not everyone was home) and we got one investigator.  The statistic for our mission is for every 100 people we talk to only 1 will meet with us again.  All I can say is that we are having to literally start from nothing and we have to start with the basics and we are mixing in some creative techniques as well.

Some good things did go rather well for us this week.  We had interviews with President Yamashita in Okazaki.  It was really good and from what he talked to me about and what he talked to Butters about this next transfer calls could be very interesting and kind of exciting, but I don`t want to talk too much about it so I don`t give people speculation.  But I did get to see my other NZ boy Elder Cowan there and got to talk to him.

I also had exchanges with Elder Orellana from Chile on Thursday.  He is only the third Chilean to come and serve a mission in Japan.  He learned English and Japanese in the MTC, Portuguese in Japan, and his native language is Spanish.  He is only 19!  I don`t think my brain could fit that much in it.  He is a transfer 5 missionary and we had a good time visting Morimura-san.  

That`s about it for exciting news of this week.  Nothing too exciting is coming up except finding more people to teach.  I just want to thank everybody for their love, support, and prayers.  It really does truly mean a lot.



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