Monday, April 13, 2015


Good afternoon from a very rainy Toyota City.

No joke, it has been rainy everyday for a week.  It`s been a long week here and everything here has changed.  The sakura is gone, everyone has transferred, but me, and I have a bean.  It`s been pretty crazy.  I have had to get the three new guys adjusted to the area and help everyone learn where everything is.  It`s been a long week of briefing people and getting them all up to speed.

My bean`s name is Elder Coleman.  He is from Gilbert, AZ and he has more dendo fire than the whole mission.  He is very obedient to all the mission rules and it kind of shocks me.  My previous comps were pretty chill guys.  We followed the rules and all, but my bean is the next level.  It`s a good thing, just a bit of an adjustment.  He came from a rather successful area up north in Toyama so it kind of shocked me this week when he started giving ME all sorts of advice on how I need to change my area even though I have been here for six months.  It has frustrated me a lot, but it`s teaching me humility to learn how to except new ideas and turn down others.

This weekend was our General Conference and what I got to watch was awesome.  I watched all of the Saturday Session and I loved Elder Renlunds talk and what he said about being a saint.  That`s been something that I struggled with last transfer.  I felt like all of my talents and abilities haven`t really prepared me to be a saint.  I am far from perfect and am not the best teacher of the gospel.  Elder Renlund shared this quote that I think qualifies my now as a saint.  ``A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying`` -Nelson Mendella.  If this is a saint then I think I can qualify.

Yesterday was crazy busy for me.  We were making phone calls all day, waiting for investigators to show up, and I messed up a investigator meeting by not understanding a phone call.  I was smoked at the end of the day.  I still have five more weeks of craziness of training.  We are going to hopefully have a great week ahead of us and I hope I don`t screw up too much. 

I am so grateful for all of your prayers, e-mails, and love.  I really do appreciate it and it lifts up my spirit.



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