Monday, April 20, 2015

The Grind

Good afternoon sports fans,

Another week has been checked off the calender.  It started off pouring this week and I thought I was never going to see the sun ever again.  We rode 20 kms in the rain on Tuesday going out to another city.  It was crazy the amount of water we biked through.  At USAFA we had a massive rain storm roll in similar to the one here and people died in landslides.  It was just crazy all of the water.

This was a terrible week to meet investigators.  We only met with three of them, but at least we were able to contact all of them.  The times we did teach were awesome.  The first really good lesson of the week was with a Brazilian named Fabricio who comes to our Eikaiwa class.  We teach him in English which is a super cool opportunity.  We taught him the whole Plan of Salvation (using Ralph, thanks Dad).  Fabricio has a lot of interest and wants to find truth. 

We taught our 約束者(investigator with a baptismal date).  He is on track to be baptized.  His name is Takahashi and we taught him the 10 Commandments and Word of Wisdom.  He committed to both of them even though he knew they were hard.  He is really trying to be prepared for baptism and he came to church and got fellowshipped really well.  The ward he has done a good job helping him out.

We also taught a lesson to our Chinese investigator Rei on Sunday about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon.  It was an awesome lesson and we had a returned missionary sit in with us.  He bore such strong testimony on the Book of Mormon (being a convert himself).  I love the Book of Mormon and I know that it`s true and that it brings us closer to God.

I`m sorry.  Not too many super great adventure stories from this week.  Just a lot of finding and working.  Coleman and I are getting better at working together.  I had a great convesation with a guy that started by me telling him that his scooter looked cool.  That conversation got us to be good friends.  He didn`t really take interest in our message, but he respected us a lot.  I really appreciate guys like that rather than jerks who will ignore me on the street.

Well that`s about it folks.  Have a great week because we`ll definitely try.

Love all of you!

Pic 1: The kanji says ``God Horse``
Pic 2: Rocking Training

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