Sunday, April 5, 2015

Here Comes the BEAN!!


Today is the start of Transfer 5!  Holy crap a lot of stuff happened this week and has guaranteed that next transfer will be a super busy one for me. 

Today Elder Correa and I said good-bye to the trail weary Australian, Elder Tramacchi.  He got on the train this morning and will be heading home to Australia tomorrow.  It`s crazy to think that both Tramacchi and Butters are going home tomorrow.  Their group of missionaries was one of the best in the mission.  They will all be missed.

So this week we committed two people to be baptized!  Both have dates in May.  One is a lady that Elder Butters and I found together named Tsuzuki (she made us fudge last transfer) and the other is a hand off from the other elders because their area is getting ``white washed`` (both elders are getting transferred).  The second guy`s name is Junpei Takahashi.  was found on a companion exchange last transfer with Elder Correa and I.  He is super cool and really wants to prepare for baptism.  We have a lot of work to be able to meet the dates that have been set.

This week has also been the best time for 花見 (flower viewing).  The Sakura (cherry blossoms).  The spring time in Japan is absolutely gorgeous.  The flowers are really beautiful, but they only last about a week.  Right now it is snowing sakura petals.  Our ward had a 花見 BBQ that was super fun on Saturday.  One of our investigators came with her mother and she seemed to have had a good time. 

Tomorrow Elder Correa and I head to Nagoya Eki to get our new companions.  I pick up my bean, Elder Coleman, from a USAFA Prep-schooler, who became Tommy`s companion.  I then have to go to trainer`s training and help the two new elders who are taking Correa`s area back to Toyota.  Should be an exciting time.  It`s super weird being the only missionary staying in Toyota.  This week is 6 months in this area.  I am the ``zone senpai`` meaning I have been in the zone longer than anyone else.  That`s cool I guess...  I just need to do awesome this transfer and not worry that I am in the same area.

Alrighty folks you all have a good week out there.  I just want to do a shout out to Major Kano and say best of luck on your deployment.  You will be in our prayers.


Pic 1- Me with sakura
Pic 2- I am an artist
Pic 3- The last one standing


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