Monday, March 30, 2015

Transfer Calls...Again

Good evening ladies and germs,

So another week is gone and it ended with transfer calls.  They were a week early because President Yamashita has to go to General Conference this week. So I`ll tell you what`s going on.  I  am....................................................................................STAYING.  This will be my glorious 5th transfer in Toyota.  I am the only elder that is staying in Toyota.  Everyone else is leaving.  I got surprised with my next companion.  Next Tuesday I will become a trainer.  My bean-chan is not a brand new missionary (right now he is transfer 1) so I will just be finishing his training.  I hope I am ready and up for the challenge.  I heard he`s a cool guy.

Elder Correa`s situation got a little better.  Our DL Elder Sato has been his companion for the last week and he will be Correa`s companion to the end of the transfer.  Penny-chan really screwed up this area by running away.  Pennington (as far as we can see) is staying on his mission and got transferred somewhere.  Running away was not a good idea...

This week has been hard to meet with investigators.  A lot of them all dropped their appointments (including my Peruvians).  The best lesson of the week was with a lady named Fujikawa.  She is a single mother with a 6 year old son.  We she had actually read all of our pamphlet and asked us about why we believe in God.  We taught about God and prayer and gave her a Book of Mormon.  She is a super good investigator and really needs to feel God`s love in her life. 

This is going to be a rough week for Elder Tramacchi.  Since President Yamashita is headed to Salt Lake this week he has already done his final interviews and Tramacchi is essentially a dead missionary.  I hope he will be willing to struggle on for 6 more days.  The end is nigh for him!

Well that`s about all I got for this a week.  I love you all.  Sorry I can`t respond to all of you every week.  I have been super busy that last couple of P-Days.  Hopefully next week will have more down time.


Pic 1- I love when they try English.  They probably love it when I try Japanese...
Pic 2- Sunset in 日本


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