Monday, March 9, 2015

Random Food & Jesse Davis

Good afternoon ya`ll,

It`s been another week in the ghetto we call 豊田.  We had a pretty busy week since we had to go to Okazaki twice for Zone Conference and District Meeting.  We did a lot of teaching this week.  I have been trying to lead lessons and it is super difficult to focus on teaching without worrying that the language I am speaking is understandable.  President Yamashita came to our Zone Conference was super good.  He and the Zone Leaders talked a lot about teaching effectiveness and finding which is exactly the advice I wanted to hear in order to fulfill my purpose as a missionary and Senpai  

There have been some things I`ve had to get used to by becoming Elder Tramacchi`s companion.  Somehow he has the innate ability to attract food from random people.  It`s kind of crazy actually because he doesn`t ask for it, it just happens.  For example we visited a less active`s home (the one who came to church last week) and we were invited in by her non-member husband and we were talking with them and then ended up going to the close by mall and they bought us lunch.  Then today again we went and visited a less active and they fed us udon.  Crazy でしょう!

One of the big miracles of the week was Jesse Davis.  On Thursday we had just finished a lesson with Morimura and went to my favorite curry place for lunch.  We walked into the shop and I heard a voice in English say, ``Hey Elders.``  I swung around and there was a WHITE GUY sitting at the counter.  I went over and shook his hand and sat down next to him.  It turns out he was a engineer for Toyota Motors and had been in Toyota for the week and was going home the next day.  It turned out that he was a member of the church and was a returned missionary who had served in Germany.  He is now 28 and travels the world for fun and with Toyota.  Jesse was a super cool guy and after we finished eating we took him over to our church and OYMed with him on the way.  He comes to Toyota every year so he wants to go to church here next year.  The next day on the train to Okazaki, who should appear again out of nowhere, flipping Jesse Davis again!  I thought it was pretty cool.

Elder Tramacchi and I have been working hard out here and have seen miracles.  I am trying to help Tramacchi have his last transfer be his best transfer here in 豊田.  Things are going as well as they can be for us.  It is by no means a cake walk, but things are good.

I just want to truly thank everyone again for all of your love.  I don`t feel like I can truly pass along my sincere gratitude. 


Pic 1- I won`t be going here...
Pic 2- Jesse Davis!


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