Sunday, March 22, 2015

No hable Espanol

Good Mornig Sports Fans,

Freaking crazy week this week.  One of the most busy and satifying weeks I have had here in Toyota.  We taught eight lessons this week which is a lot for this small corner of the world.  It was one of the best stat weeks I have ever had.  We als had a Mission Conference this week to prepare us to recieve iPads next transfer and it was super good.

One of the big lessons of the week was a lesson with a Peruvian family Tramacchi and I found through housing three weeks ago.  The two kids speak Japanese, but the mother speaks Spanish.  When we housed them originally we gave the son a Book of Mormon and so I tried leading a lesson on teaching about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration alone.  The mother realized who we were and that we were Mormons and told us that she loved Mormon temples in Peru and said that they were the most beautiful buildings she had ever seen.  She also asked us for a El Libro de Mormon.  The lesson wasn`t the greastest (from my teaching skills) but the miracles seen were super cool.

During the lesson we were getting a crazy number of phone calls so Tramacchi decided to answer the phone so I could keep teaching.  When Tramacchi came back he told me that we needed to finish our lesson immediately and get back to the apartment because Elder Correa (the Brazilian with the new bean-chan)  was alone in his apartment.  So we rushed our lesson ending and biked five miles back to the apartment as fast as we could.  We get there and learn from Correa that while he fell alseep during language study his bean and left the apartment and took the train back to the Mission Home in Meito all by himself because he wants to go home.  The kid is super young (18 barely) and has only been in Japan for four weeks and managed to get back to the Honbu.  Anyways President Yamashita has convinced him to stay on the mission for now, but he is not companions with Correa right now.  Our district has been reshaped and Penny-chan is with on of the Zone Leaders right now.  For the past two days Tramacchi, Correa, and I have been in a threesome, but today our District Leader is becoming Correa`s companion.

I has been really good to see a lot of progress in this area this past week.  The more the trial, the bigger the blessings.  The problem is that I am kind of getting attached to this stupid area.  The members, the people, the area are getting really familiar.  I need to transfer before I get too attached.

Thank you everybody for everything.  You are all the best!


Pic 1- Nothing stops us
Pic 2- Rice field


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