Sunday, March 15, 2015

``Though Hard to You This Journey May Appear``

Good Morning ya`ll,
It`s been a long week here.  Lots of struggles on my attempts at teaching lessons.  I have been trying to lead lessons like I am supposed to as senpai, but I fall apart while teaching.  I forget what I want to say and then get embarassed (even though I have made lesson plans) and then that screws up my grammar.  I keep asking older missionaries what the key is to become a better teacher and they all say it just takes time and after you have taught something a million times it gets easier.  I am practicing teaching with Tramacchi and I am keeping at the language study.
This week we had a lot of investigator appointments that canceled on us this week.  It`s the first time that has happened to me in a long time.  I hate having to reschedule my day and fill in time.  Wetried visiting a ton of less active members and we only found/contacted 3.  We found out yesterday that our records are old and we have lists of people who don`t live in Toyota anymore.
Nothing really exciting happened this week.  Mom and Dad have been wanting me to talk about 英会話 (Eikaiwa), so I guess I`ll do so now.  英会話 is our free English class that we teach every week.  We have about 10 students, but only about 5 come a week.  We hand out flyers everyday and even though it`s free not many people come.  From what I`ve heard Japanese people are afraid of free programs because they think there is some underlying thing they have to do.  I used to have to teach most of 英会話 everyweek, but two weeks ago I had the bean-chan start teaching the class to break him in.  英会話 means English conversation, so that`s what the class is.  We pretty much just conduct a conversation and teach a little bit of phrases, vocab, and pronounciation.  It can either be really fun or really slow depending on the week and topic from our Mormon Helping Hands text book.
Spring is coming and there are a lot of flowers blooming in the parks and it`s really pretty.  We have also had a ton of fly overs by Japanese Air Force C-130s and KC-10s.  Yesterday was a pretty historic day for the Church in Japan.  Elder Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came to Tokyo and did a devotional last night.  The significance was that it was broadcasted to every ward in Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.  That has never been done before.  It was super good.
That`s about it for the week folks.  We are looking forward to another week here in 豊田.  Something I learned this week was although things are tough and life can suck, the day will eventually end and you get to start a whole new one the next day.  The Key is to try to make the next day better than the one before. 



Pic 1- Ume
Pic 2- More ume

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