Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hello From Gokiso

Hello Sports Fans,

No you all must be bamboozled due to the fact that I am not in
Matsumoto right now. I am actually in the heart of Nagoya in an area
known as Gokiso. This all must be very confusing to you back home,
but don't you worry it's temporary. We (the Matsumoto elders) are in
Gokiso for the day and night so we can be on time to a conference we
have tomorrow welcoming our new mission president in an area called
Fukutoku. President Ishii entered the mission last week on Tuesday. It
has been really difficult to see President Yamashita go, but life
moves on. President Ishii is actually super rare because he is from
inside our mission boundaries in Toyohashi. It's a city that was in my
last zone. This conference is our opportunity to get to be in a
different area and meet the new president. I will also get to see Tommy
for the first time in several months.

It's been a long week but we managed to get some of the good work
done. Monday after emailing we went to 松本城 which was super cool. It is
the oldest castle in its original form in Japan. Afterwards Klein and
I finally found a new investigator by visiting someone who used to
meet with the missionaries several months ago. On Tuesday we went to a
different city called 塩尻 (Shiojiri) to dendo. The city's name is
actually kind of funny because the separate kanji means "salt butt",
but the kanji together means cone. Anyways, we spent the whole time walking
because we didn't have bikes. We ended the day housing and the one
small apartment building we found two new investigators! Finally!

The rest of the week was more finding and visiting less active
members.  One less active wanted to go out to lunch with us so we met
up and went to an Indo-curry place. It was good, but we had a slight
problem in the end. I made the mistake of assuming the guy who made
the appointment would pay for us. I hadn't had any time to pull money
out of the bank (Japan is a cash only system) so I had zero money in my
wallet and hoped Klein could spot me some money. Well, Klein forgot
his wallet so neither of us had money so when it came time to pay the
guy who took us out to eat just stared at us when we finished. We had
to ask the shop owner if we could go to the bank and pull money. To my
surprise he let us (only in Japan would they trust you to do that) but
it was super embarrassing.

For the Fourth of July we had a BBQ with the ZLs at their apartment. We
did it 焼肉 style, but it was still super tasty eating nothing but steak,
chicken, and some pork. Or barbecue was a decent enough replacement
for making barbecue but I hope you all had fun back in the states and
shot lots of guns and watched fireworks for me. On Sunday, a member and
friend from Toyota came to the  Matsumoto ward because his family
lives there. That night we had dinner together and his mother made 200
gyoza for us. We ate so much food it was ridiculous. It was really
good to see some friends from Toyota again.

Well that's about it for this week folks. I hope you have a great week
back home and I hope you're staying cool. Best of luck! I love you



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