Monday, July 20, 2015

Sweating Like a Dog

Good morning Sports Fans,

This has been one of our best weeks up here in Matsumoto. We saw a lot
of cool stuff happen up here in the Japanese Alps.  We taught more
lessons this week than in weeks previous and I have fulfilled my
mission dream of teaching a family! Also the whole mission besides my
zone and Kanazawa Zone got shut down because a typhoon! Here's how it
went down:

On Tuesday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders (who also live here
in 松本) and I went with Elder Hobdy in his area and Elder Tuakoi went
with Klein in our area. While in our area Tuakoi went through our
phone and called a whole bunch of former investigators and one said
they'd called back and one said they'd come to church. All of this is
happening with Klein. Hobdy and I had two canceled appointments and
visited some PIs.

The next day (Wednesday) in the morning the phone rings and it was one
of the FIs who Tuakoi and Klein called so I tossed the phone over to
Klein to see if he could get an appointment. In the end we scored a
30/30 English teaching appointment at the church on Saturday where we
teach 30 minutes of English and 30 minutes of Gospel. The person
was Chinese by the name of Enny and Klein told me she could speak
really good English. Now we just had to wait for Saturday. On Saturday
in the morning Enny called and changed the location of the appointment
from the church to her home. She told us to wait in a park and her
husband Ken would pick us up. It all sounded like a big spy movie of
meeting people we never met before to guide us to places we've never
been. Anyways, Ken meets us and we go over to their home. It was so
much fun! They have three little kids and they asked if we we could
stay for lunch and we said yes and while Enny was cooking we practiced
English with them. They are both very good at English and are perfect
in Japanese. After we ate we didn't want to take too much more time,
but they wanted to keep us there and wanted to speak more English. We
did so and then Kelin and I shared a lesson on prayer in Japanese and
it was so good! I was a little worried that Ken wouldn't be super
interested, but he was engaged and told us he believed that praying
every night is a super good idea and they want to try it! We gave them
a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and Enny pointed to it and said, "I want
to learn 30 minutes of English from you and 30 minutes of this!" They
are so golden! When we left their little kids were chasing us down the
road. I have never felt such an outpouring of love from an
investigator before.

The rest of the week was pretty normal. We taught the Plan of
Salvation three times to our investigator 吉野(Yoshino). He has his
baptismal date for the 9th of August and we are trying to finish all
the lessons with him. It's going to be a bit of a squeeze, but we are
confident we can make the date. He's a really shy guy and has great
interest in the Gospel and we are trying to be his friend. Last P-Day we
went with 吉野 and the ZLs and their investigator to eat some
ridiculously spicy ramen. 吉野 didn't eat it, the rest of us did. I only
got a level 2 and it was still crazy hot. They make the broth out of
what is called Death Sauce (imported from the U.S.) and it sears your
lips. The ZLs investigator got a level 20 (the highest) and was told
by the chef that he would get sick if he ate it. He still got it and ate
the whole thing and was miserable the rest of the night and, from what
we heard, next day.

Speaking of heat I am tired of the humidity and sweating all the time.
I am so glad I am not in Aichi Prefecture anymore because I know it's
worse down there. Luckily I'm in Nagano Prefecture, but I hate waking
up in the morning feeling like I just worked out. Stay cool where
you're at please!

That's about it for this week folks. Elder Hobdy and I are going to
try a 6 hour long bike ride today, but we don't know if it will work out
based off of safety and other factors, but we'll be safe!

Thanks for everything! Love y'all!



The night of the Typhoon. We didn't get rain but the sky was nuts!

Super Red

塩尻! Shiojiri

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