Monday, July 13, 2015

One More Year!

Good afternoon folks,

Well as seen in the subject line I have about a year left until I come
home from the Land of the Rising Sun. You all may be wondering, "How
can this be since the wee lad left in August of last year?" Well, with
full faith that I will get reaccepted back to USAFA I will have to
come home six weeks early from this adventure, thus coming home in
about one year. This knowledge, however, is not slowing the 松本 boys
down. Here's the download:

This week went by super fast. We had a great conference with our new
mission president, President Ishii. He and his wife seem a little
nervous for this tremendous calling, but they are really nice people.
At the conference he talked a lot about unity and working together as
companionships, districts, zones, and as a mission. I got to hang with
Tommy and he gave me some of the download from his last couple
transfers. It was a good little reunion.

We had a lot of good first lessons taught this week. We have been able
to set up a good little teaching pool and are trying to help them
progress towards Christ. We invited one of our investigators, Yoshino
(吉野) to baptism and he said yes! If all goes well he should be
baptized on the last Sunday of the transfer. He is 21 and kind of shy
but is super nice and polite and interested in our lessons.

The rest of the week was a lot of housing. We knocked on about 180
doors and found only one new investigator. This week we're planning on
heading to a different city to work in for a change again.

I'm sorry I don't have any unique, exciting things happen this week.
It just went by really fast and saw some good results.

Hope you all have another fantastic week! I put videos on the D-Box! 愛しているよ!

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