Monday, July 27, 2015

There And Back And There And Back Again

Evening Sports Fans,

One long day.  We spent the whole day going up to a famous/popular mountain called 美ヶ原 (Utsukushigahara).  We biked a solid, brutal 13 miles uphill and then hiked another two miles to the top, but it was all worth it.  On the way down one of our ZLs had a gnarly crash while going 25 mph downhill while trying to break.  We are all ok so I guess our prayer of safety and the beginning of the journey really worked.  It shouldn`t have taken us all day, but the member who took us up is a rather chubby guy and he was absolutely dying.  

Last weeks P-Day adventure was pretty fun too, but only Elder Hobdy (a ZL) and I went.  We biked 35 miles south to a town called 木曽福島 (Kiso-Fukushima).  It was a super fun ride and saw a lot of the area.  We rode the train back to 松本 and realized we were fried.  We both had 2nd degree burns on our arms and we have been rather uncomfortably blistered throughout the week, but now we are OK.  

The other adventure for myself this week was going on exchanges with Elder Jones in Suwa/Ina.  He was with me in the MTC and is a super fun guy.  We went into Tommy/Butters old area Ina that got shut down back in January.  No missionaries have really been there to do any work since it was closed.  Since I heard so many stories from my good friends Tommy Eadie and Anthony Butters, I begged Jones to let us go to Ina and give it a shot to visit some less actives and former investigators.  I got permission to call Tommy and learn who to visit and then we were good to go.  While we were there we didnt`t manage to meet anyone, but had a ton of good experiences talking with people on the train there and back and I can see the area being re-opened again within six months to a year.  I would really like to serve there.  It is very similar Cache Valley and it is gorgeous.  It`s super peaceful and I would love to give it another shot.  We didn`t have much time there and had to race to catch a late train out to get back to the Suwa apartment by 2130.

Other than those adventures not too much happened this week.  We couldn`t really meet with our current investigators, so we went out and found new ones!  Our area has become really successful on the finding/teaching side.  The member side of the area is a story for another day, but let`s just say it`s just as bad as when I got to Toyota and things need to be changed again.

Alrighty folks, stay cool out there.  We`re about to die of heat stroke it`s so hot and humid.  Take care and thanks for the prayers!




三線 (Sanshin) It`s a banjo from Okinawa

Two of these bad boys landed on the base next to the church

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